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Customer Appreciation - Theoren Hanks Wildhammer Story

Customer Appreciation - Theoren Hanks Wildhammer Story

Posted by Theroen Hanks - Matthew Rominski on Apr 18th 2018

Theoren Hanks, originally from Portland Oregon, is a kid located in the Sacramento California area. I say kid as he is only 18 years old. He grew up a normal life. Was homeschooled from 4th grade, spent lots of time with family and worked hard at a young age. Nothing out of the ordinary. Theoren grew up not having very much interested in cars until about the age of 10 when he saw his first IROC-Z Camaro. From that point on, he knew that he had a love and passion not only for cars in general, but especially Camaros.

He made it his goal to start work as soon as he could to save up enough money to buy a Camaro as soon as possible. And with his dad buying a 2012 45th anniversary Camaro SS, he knew that he had to buckle down and get his finances in order to get one of his own. With a lot of hard work and some very risky yet smart investment decisions, by age 17, he was able to buy his first Camaro, a brand new 2017 Camaro SS.

His 2017 Camaro came from the factory in bright yellow with black rally stripes. Has a 6 speed manual transmission and is overall just a fun car! He started participating in car shows, events, cruises and meets and will be traveling to major events such as CamaroCon, SEMA, LS Fest and Camaro Fest. He has also begun to grow a fairly substantial social media following in Instagram (@lemmy_ss) and has acquired some sponsors along the way.

Theoren found Wildhammer Motorsports when they first opened under the name “ThatCamaroPartsGuy”. His first order was order was for a simple pair of rock guards and just fell in love with with the company and knew Wildhammer is where all of this parts would be coming from for the car.

He has a set a goal for his 2017 Camaro to be a track car. Something that can give most other cars a run for their money. Plans for the car include, function yet aggressive aero, 295 35 r20 tires up front and 325 35 r20 tires in rear, definitely a new set of lighter and wider wheels, full motor bolt ons, possibly a ProCharger (depending on the power gained from full bolt ons) and a vinyl wrap. Ultimate goal is to be around 600 wheel horsepower. Currently with a full exhaust system and a tune, he is sitting at 451 horsepower at the wheel. Definitely a respectable number, but he wants more!

Current modifications don't to the car include vinyl wrapped gloss black roof, full MBRP exhaust, powder coated BREMBO brakes, custom yellow interior stitching and side skirts. Nothing too crazy, but the build is just getting started.

Total time of the build will take about three years in his current situation. He keeps plucking away however constantly working on the car and with as many companies as he can. The sooner he has the build done, the better in his eyes.

Thank you Theoren for being a loyal customer and rocking our Wildhammer windshield banner proudly. We wish you the best of luck in your future build and we will be here every step of the way if you need us!

-Much Love, The Wildhammer Crew