16-20+ Camaro Progressive Nitrous Controller - JMS

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Fits 2016+ Camaro All Models W/ Nitrous Hookup

Progressive Nitrous Controller for 6th Gen Camaros.


The Progressive Nitrous Controller that is designed to out perform!

The JMS Progressive N20 Controller is the new standard for Nitrous Controllers! Finally there is a N20 Controller that allows for maximum ADJUSTABILITY while combining all of the popular nitrous add-ons into one device. No external relays triggers or RPM Switches required...it’s all in one device!


  • Easy to setup and use. No relays triggers or RPM switches required everything is built into one unit!
  • Compatible with all 12V or 16V battery systems & one to sixteen cylinder engines.
  • Adjustable Solenoid Frequency
  • Wide-Open Throttle Enable Trigger
  • Wide-Open Throttle Enable Trigger
  • Dual Independent Ramp Rates

Simple Installation:

Easy to setup and use.  No need for a laptop or complicated user display.  All adjustments can be made with the included flat-head screwdriver.

Complete Progressive Nitrous System Control in a single unit: eliminate external relays triggers and RPM switches

Case/Enclosure Specifics and Dimensions:

Silver Aluminum Case with four mounting tabs

Length:  5 1/2" Width:   2 1/2" Height:  1 1/2"

Operating Voltage Range:

9.5V - 20V DC


- Works with all 12V or 16V battery systems.

- Supports all engines from One to Sixteen cylinders Four Stroke or Two Stroke

- Automatically functions as a Turbo Nitrous Controller if the Start Percentage is set higher than the End Percentage.


RPM:  Monitors Engine RPM.  Connect to the negative side of the ignition coil or fuel injector.

Wide Open Throttle Enable Trigger:

   Trigger (1) :  Ground Enable typically connected to a micro-switch and grounded at WOT.

   Trigger (2):   0-5V DC (invertable) typically connected to a Throttle Body TPS. 

          Notes:  Either WOT Trigger may be used to enable the controller.

                     The enable voltage must be set by the user.

Tire Spin /Gear Lock Out:  

    Ground Enabled: Typically connected to a micro-switch.

    Depending on when this input is grounded:  can either manually lock the controller OFF or

    can be used to enable a second progressive ramp rate setting.


55amp maximum combined Fuel & Nitrous Solenoid Ouput

+12V Timing Retard Ouput 50mA short circuit protected

Adjustable Solenoid Frequency:

    12.5hz 20hz 25hz 40hz  (special solenoids are required for 40hz)

Independent Fuel and Nitrous Solenoid Control:

Increased amperage capacity

Improved solenoid accuracy and control

Fuel Solenoid Settings:

The fuel solenoid output can be independently modified to control activation lean spikes.

-  100% duty cycle

-  85% duty cycle for the initial 0.5 seconds after activation and then matches the Nitrous Solenoid Ouput

-  75% duty cycle for the initial 0.3 seconds after activation and then matches the Nitrous Solenoid Output

RPM Window Switch:

Minimum RPM to enable Nitrous Output:     1000 RPM

Maximum RPM to disable Nitrous Output:  16900 RPM

12V Timing Retard Output:

+12v output when the Nitrous Output is active

Designed to be connected to an ignition box timing retard input.

Installation Kit:

3 feet of power/solenoid wiring wiring harness heat shrink connectors heat shrink ring terminal self tapping screws tie straps

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