16-23+ Camaro SS 1LE Track Day Brake Rotor & Pad Kit - Girodisc/Hawk

HB649U.605, HB727G.592, A1-271, A2-271
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16-23+ Camaro SS 1LE Track Day Brake Rotor & Pad Kit - Girodisc/Hawk (HB649U.605, HB727G.592, A1-271, A2-271) 




Introducing the ultimate track, brake and rotor package for your 2016+ Camaro SS 1LE Model. Featuring the industries best Girodisc two-piece slotted rotors and Front DTC-70 Compound Hawk Brake Pads, with Rear DTC-60 Compound Hawk Brake Pads. 


  • Factory rotors weigh in just over 32.5lbs, Girodisc uses a smaller annulus ring that when fully assembled, weighs in at 28lbs per rotor, a total savings of 4lbs per rotor, and utilizes 72 directional vanes for a efficient and robust rotor package
  • Girodisc central hat is made from US sourced 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum
  • Girodisc has a unique proprietary cast iron rotor-ring that is poured in the USA and machined from start to finish in-house at Girodisc
  • These provide rotors utilize a curve vane design, developed in racing to act as a centrifugal pump to force cool air through the disc
  • The rotor and hat use a floating mount design and the rotor ring can be simply be replaced when needed
  • Hawk Brake DTC-70/DTC-60 race compound was engineered with extremely high torque and highly aggressive initial bite for cars with high deceleration
  • DTC-70/DTC-60 compound strives in temp capacity, initial response, and overall stopping power, a perfect pair with the Girodisc rotors


  • The Girodisc Rotor Rings can be ordered separately, please click on the links below,
    Front - D1-147
    Rear - D2-271


  • (x4) Rotors, (Front & Rear) for SS 1LE Application from Girodisc
    Front Rotors - A1-271
    Rear Rotors - A2-271

  • (x2) Pad Kits (Front 6-Piston & Rear 4-Piston, 8 Pads Total) of DTC-70/DTC-60 Hawk Performance Brake Pads 
    DTC-70 Front Pads - HB649U.605
    DTC-60 Rear Pads - HB727G.592

About Hawk:

On the street or on the track, protecting the lead, or your family, you must know that your brakes will do their job in any circumstance. Hawk Performance has been providing performance stopping power you can trust since 1993 by leveraging the technology sued by military and airline applications. Hawk designs, engineers, and produces all their brake pads here in the USA. Hawk brake pads are critically acclaimed and offer stopping power unlike any other competitor out there.

About GiroDisc:

Girodisc occupies a unique place in the brake industry market by being the first direct replacement 2-piece brake rotor for performance cars. The team is committed to creating an innovative and more beneficial brake rotor system that is equal to the capabilities of the rest of the brake system. Girodisc’s full floating design is unique to their rotors and are available for a wide range of exotic and sports cars as well as some luxury vehicles. 

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