2020+ C8 Corvette Clutch Friction and Steels Kit - McLeod

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Fits 2020+ C8 Corvette TR-9080 Transmission



Automatic Transmission Friction & Steels Kit. C8 Corvette TR-9080 Transmission. Chevrolet: Corvette 2020+ Stingra


Higher Performance Frictions and Steels
Provides excellent heat dissipation under heavy loads
Improved Shift Performance
Handles up to 1000HP
Flawless fit with no binding
OE Steel Thickness for maximum heat sink


Made in the USA 


McLeod Racing Performance Automatic rebuild kits are available for many transmissions as a one stop shop kit. The kits include National Oil seals and Far pak gaskets for superior sealing capabilities, Teflon coated rings for tighter seals, and OEM thickness grooved friction plates for increased holding capacity. Brass filter for better flow and filtration, and 100% new bands. With these kits, you are assured that you are receiving the best quality and the best price!
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13.00 (in)
3.00 (in)