2020+ Corvette C8 Front End Lift Lowering Kit- Fabtech Performance

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Fits 2020+ Corvette C8 (With Front End Lift) Models Only

Fabtech Performance introduces a must have item for your 2020 Corvette c8 equipped with Front end lift Option. Their Lowering kit flawlessly installs on your C8 in a few hours, all while adding aggressive styling, without compromising any of the factory options. Their system Lowers your front end approximately 1''- 1" 1/4 inches without changing the spring rate by lowering your front end using spanner wrenches. When you lower your vehicle using spanner wrenches, you get the same cosmetic result as far as lowering however you change the spring rate that GM Engineers worked to perfect on your C8.

Front End lift option still functions 100% like factory. This Lowering kit is constructed from Aircraft grade 6061 Billet aluminum and Class 3 Hardcoat Anodized for a superior finish. It also comes with a Fabtech Performance Custom Tool to remove hardware from the Strut and reinstall. Simply remove your Factory struts from the front end, install supplied lowering collars, trim your factory bump stop in 1/2 and reinstall. Be sure to top off your fluid with Dot 3 or 4 and torque all hardware to factory specs.

Tools Required:

  • 21mm socket/21 mm wrench
  • 3/8ths extension
  • 3/8ths ratchet
  • Hammer
  • Dot 3-4 Brake Fluid
  • Spring Compressor
  • 10mmSocket/Wrench
  • 11mm socket
  • Depinning tool (INCLUDED)
  • Fabtech C8 Tool (INCLUDED)

Product Features:

  • Direct bolt on, no modifications required
  • For Front End Lift Options C8 Only
  • Retains all factory options
  • Offers aggressive styling to enhance stance and handling
  • Lowers 1"-1 1/4"

Kit Includes:
x2 Fabtech C8 Lowering Collars
x1 Fabtech C8 Removal/Install tool
x1 Harness depinning tool

10.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
5.00 (in)