Rosseno Racing Q & A - SCCA & Trans-Am Race Series 6th Gen Camaro

Rosseno Racing Q & A - SCCA & Trans-Am Race Series 6th Gen Camaro

Posted by Matt on Feb 6th 2019

Hey guys! 

Here is a Quick Q&A for the Rosseno Racing's Camaro SCCA Spec Race Car  

It's been a pleasure to work with Nick and the crew at Rosseno Racing for this upcoming years racing and we are happy to be apart of the team as of late 2018. 

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Speaking with Nick, Driver of the Number 33 Camaro Race Car  

  • Tell us a Little About the Car

"Sure! The motor is a hot LS3 basically, Chevrolet long block all the guts are high end forged stuff, mild cam. With the restrictor plate in it, it makes 480 wheel hp, without it its somewhere around 520-530 wheel. The guts all have to weigh the same as stock, the big gains come from small stuff like low friction rings, dry sump system and the cam (little bigger than stock).
Has a 4 speed G-Force GSR gear box. Its a dog box, you lift and shift, no clutch needed unless you are moving off of idle.
Rear end is a tiger quick change rear end with a torsen diff in it. 

26 gallon fuel cell to make the 100 mile TA races
The chassis is a 2016 Mike Cope Race Cars chassis. They are 1 of 3 approved chassis builders for the Trans-Am race series. The car is a full tubular chassis and has a race ready curb weight of 2830lbs.
Shocks are Penskes double adjustable's and most of the suspension pieces come out of Howe race cars or port city Race cars or Joes etc.
Car runs on 275/695/15 Pirelli radial slicks on a 10 inch wheel, 6 piston Wilwood front brakes 4 piston rear brakes 12.2 inch rotors"

  • What class do you current race in?

"For the 2019 racing season we are going to be competing in both the Trans-Am West coast series as well the SCCA Western Conference Majors tour. There is a cost/travel balance that we have to find so we are trying to pick the races that will make the most logistical and financial sense for our team. Exciting times ahead and I really hope we can pick up some solid podiums this year for Wildhammer Motorsports!"

  • How Long have you been racing?

"I have just recently got back into racing in the past 2 years. Growing up running karts and quarter midgets from age 5 up until I was 13, racing was life. At the time it was getting really hard to manage everything with trying to perform well in school, all the traveling every weekend and still find time to practice and be competitive. It’s just a sport that takes 10/10ths all the time mentally, physically and financially. If you cannot give it everything you will never succeeded in the sport so as a family we decided it was time to put racing on hold. Recently, life has afforded me a great opportunity to get back into racing with the purchase of a Trans-Am TA2 race car that we hope to compete in a few national events with this year and run races up and down the west coast. Been a long year getting the program back together but I am excited to finally hammer down and get out there and dice it up again!"

  • Do you have any other family members that race or have gotten you into racing?

"Yes absolutely! I come from a big racing family. Family outings usually consisted of something racing related when I was younger. My Dad is a huge influence on my racing endeavors. He is in general just a huge gear head but for many years he was building top flight racing engines for race teams in the IHBA (International Hot Boat Association) and helping to crew a team of his own with 4-5 of his best childhood friends. They were able to compete and win the 1990 IHBA word championship which is one of his biggest accomplishments in the sport. Since I was a kid I always dreamed of going racing and then Christmas of 94 came around and I walked outside Christmas morning to find a quarter midget sitting there. From that moment on, racing has been an addiction that I have failed to kick. My Dad is still very, very actively involved in the racing program and there is no one I trust more to make it happen than him. I have been very lucky to have a family so supportive of my dreams, always pushing me to be better, grind harder and have fun!"

  • Why did you choose the Camaro?

"Well the reason we went with Chevrolet and the Camaro is pretty straight forward to be honest. There is no one better at performing on the track than Chevrolet. The motors are very reliable, simple to work on. Everything is very intuitive when it comes to getting the most out of the power train and the chassis. Not to mention the 6 th Gen TA2 body looks absolutely wicked! To be honest, I do not consider myself a brand loyalist. I have driven both Ford’s and Dodges as well but recently I decided to purchase a 6 th gen Camaro 1LE.The car is an absolute beast on the street and on the track. It really does punch far beyond its weight given the price point. My love of the Camaro spans from the street to the track, they really are just some awesome cars. They look amazing, they are quick and really they are just pure drivers."

  • Out of the other cars in your class what have you seen that has impressed you, besides the Camaro of course?

"I think the thing that has impressed me the most really has nothing to do with the cars or the series itself. Auto racing is such a unique sport, almost anyone you talk to at the track has the same passion and obsessions that you do which makes for a really cool experience out there. Strangers willing to drop what they are doing and jump in and help you out just because everyone there wants you on the track! Participation keeps the sport healthy and I think there is a mutual bond/respect between fellow racers. They know how it feels to work and prepare your car for weeks only to have something silly go sideways on you. To sum it up, the comradery in the sport is second to none and I think the help and advice from fellow people in the sport, crew guys, drivers, team owners etc. has made this a really fun ride up until this point! There is a sane in the sport that goes “On this trailer lies a disease, for that, there is no cure.” That’s what we live for and oh man is it true!"

  • What are the goals for this season?

"Be a sponge! Learn, learn, and learn some more! We have so much to learn this first year about the car, about me as a driver and getting in the groove between crew chief and driver. There are so many variables that you have to get a grasp on before you can even think about winning. Winning comes when preparation meets opportunity as they say. We are still preparing for that opportunity. Long way to go but these past few times out in the car we have made some huge strides in all aspects and we are expecting to come out of the gate strong!"

  • What unexpected issues have come up so far with the car?

"Well there have been a few things that have come up with the car that have been slightly frustrating. Like I said earlier, not only are we trying to learn how to go fast, but we are learning how to take care of the car, what needs more prep time, what doesn’t really need that much prep etc. We had some major problems with the rear end that turned out to be a bent axle tube and snout which was not allowing us to get the rear of the car squared up. With a chassis setup, everything starts at the rear and if you can’t square the back of the car up, you are in for a heck of time trying to make any meaningful changes. Finally we figured out what was going on, got that all patched up only to take it out the next time and its leaking like a broken sink! Ah so frustrating, although embarrassing, when we reassembled it, we did not silicon the drive yoke and it was leaking through the spline so when it got really hot it would just leak through the spline and the shaft. Such a mess! It only took me 2 times cleaning gear oil off the underside of the car to figure out I was the one making the problem! Lesson learned! Other than that, the car has been very mechanically sound with some minor fixes here and there. It’s coming along very nicely and we continue to pick up speed every time out."

  • What about this project have you been most excited for?

"I think I have been most excited about the opportunity to travel to some amazing race tracks up and down the west coast and get to do it all with the people who mean the most to me. What an incredible family experience it has been so far. Gathering all those memories at the track, in the garage on the late nights, it makes it all worth it. It’s an absolute blast! Other than that, I am really excited to get to dice it up with some of the best road racers in North American in the Trans-Am series later this year! 90% of the work is done by me and my Dad, Tim but sometime my buddies will come out and knock out projects on the car or come to the track and help out which is always really cool. "

  • Have you had any memorable moments so far with the car?

"Not really one particularly instance comes to mind, but I will say that when you are busting your tail and pulling late nights and getting the car as perfect as possible day in and day out and then you show up at the track, unload the car and you go fast. That in itself is very rewarding and sets you up for a successful and memorable day. There is a tangible result to your hard work and that’s important to keep you motivated and moving forward."

Thank you Nick again for answering those questions and I'm super excited to be a part of the team!