17-24 Camaro ZL1 Billet Supercharger Lid - MPI

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17-24 Camaro ZL1 Billet Supercharger Lid - MPI

Fits 2017-2024 Camaro (ZL1 Models)
Dyno Results
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MPI has developed a performance custom LT4 supercharger lid in partnership with a USA machine shop. We share a common passion for modern muscle cars and MPI wanted to create unique supercharger lids that offer performance enhancements to your vehicle, louder supercharger whine and a custom look that will set your vehicle apart from the others at Cars and Coffee!

MPI's LT4 lid reuses OEM gaskets and can be easily swapped out in less than 15 minutes on your car.

Optional Gaskets

Important Notes:

  • Power gains resulted in +11 RWHP and +14 RWTQ on a Hole Shot Mustang Dyno on an otherwise stock motor and stock tune in a 2017 Corvette Z06. The boost is available quicker and is more consistent through the power band.
  • MPI's lid made an increase in about .25-.5 lbs. of boost. The lid generates better flow and causes more knock detection on the stock tune which results in ~1 degree of timing retard and power back. Finally, the additional whine of the blower is intoxicating!

Product Video:

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