About Us



Wildhammer Motorsports started back in 2017 with the intention to create a niche, online shopping experience for 6th Gen Camaros. At the time the 6th Generation Camaro came out, there wasn't a huge aftermarket presence for the car, let alone OEM accessories. Matt, the owner, has an extensive OEM GM parts background, and since leaving a GM dealership in 2017, had decided to create Wildhammer. Matt has a background in providing and producing parts for the Cobalt SS, HHR SS, Solstice, Sky, Sonic, Redline, Cruze, Colorado and multiple other platforms for car enthusiasts. Wildhammer was truly a passion project that turned into a full-time business very quickly.


Wildhammer Motorsports is a two-man team that focuses on the customer, first and foremost. We've been cited as having the best customer service and strive to give our customers a white glove treatment when it comes to parts for the Gen 6 Camaro, C8 Corvette, and now the Cadillac CT4/CT5. We set out to make the website and ordering process as easy as possible and respond to questions/support immediately. Wildhammer focuses not only on OEM parts and big-name brands, but truly love working with smaller mom and pop manufacturers as well.


Wildhammer initially started as an OEM supplier for general replacement parts, such as shift knobs and steering wheels, however, we quickly became a hot-spot for 6th Gen Camaro and C8 Corvette enthusiasts. We now feature over 1700+ unique SKU's for both the Camaro and Corvette. As small as single replacement bolts, all the way up to front bumper conversions. We have also partnered with 100+ unique brands that cater to this market.