2020+ Corvette C8 20mm Wheel Spacers (Includes 4) - Paragon Performance

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Fits 2020+ Corvette C8 Models


Introducing the Paragon Performance 20mm Wheel Spacers for the 2020+ C8 Corvette. Perfect fitment with OEM wheels makes your Corvette look more aggressive while keeping your wheels flush to the fenders. Extra space allows for a upgraded braking system. Made from Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum, they remain lightweight while retaining strength. An anodized finish provides a extra layer of protection against corrosion & oxidation.
These are a direct bolt on. No new studs or crazy tools needed. The spacers attach to your stock studs with supplied nuts. The spacers have new studs that your wheels then bolt to using your OEM lug nuts. Super easy!
5x120 Bolt Pattern
20mm thickness
66.9 Bore & Hub centric
M14x1.5 Thread Pitch
USA Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum 
Wheel spacers are not safe
No, wheel spacers are perfectly safe if installed properly and on the proper application.  The most common cause for failures is not due to the actual wheel spacers but install issues; incorrect hub bore (wheel to spacer or spacer to hub), incorrect torque value on wheel bolts or lug nuts, etc.  If the wheel, hub and spacer is correct for the application and the bolts/lug nuts are torqued to the proper specs, there is no problem with running spacers……even on a race track, because that is how we use them. 
Wheel spacers will cause my wheel studs to bend
Not true. The load from the wheels are transferred to the axle and hub by means of friction through clamped force.  You cannot bend a wheel stud simply by torqueing down a piece of aluminum in between the stud and nut.  The only way to do so is if the lug nuts are torqued improperly and the weight of the vehicle is entirely put on the loose wheel bolt/stud(s).

When using wheel spacers the physics of the wheels are disturbed and not correct
When you insert a wheel spacer between the hub and wheel nothing in regards to clamping force, coefficient of friction, stress applied to the studs, flexing, load or any other physics involved are changed.
Wheel Spacers will cause my wheel bearings to failure prematurely
Wheel spacers will not cause your wheel bearings to fail prematurely.  Again, as long as the application is correct for your specific vehicle, you will have no problems.  Make sure that the hub bore on your vehicle matches the hub bore on the spacer and the new extended hub bore on the wheel spacer matches the hub bore on your wheel.
If I install wheel spacers, my wheels and/or tires are going to rub the fender 
Not if you get the correct spacers for your car and wheel set-up.

Wheel spacers are safe
True!  When properly installed, wheel spacers are completely safe. 

Using longer wheel studs on a wider spacer has no effect on performance or wear
This has been found to be true through testing.

How are Paragon spacers different?
We provide a perfect fit for your specific vehicle when choosing the right application
No hub rings are required – all of our spacers are designed for a specific application (no universal fitments here!)
Backed by Paragons quality standards/specs – Precision CNC machined billet spacers – 10x high quality studs – CNC 6061 T6 light weight high grade aluminum
9.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
5.00 (in)