23-24+ C8 Corvette Z06/E-Ray F023 20x10" & 21x13" Forged Wheels (Front & Rear)(Brushed Clear) - MRR

FF2320A052030L-BC, FF2320A052030R-BC, FF2321A325025L-BC, FF2321A325025R-BC
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23-24+ C8 Corvette Z06/E-Ray F023 20x10" & 21x13" Forged Wheels (Front & Rear)(Brushed Clear) - MRR


FITS 2023+ C8 CORVETTE ( Z06 & E-Ray MODELS )


Personalize your C8 Corvette with these Forged Z06 style wheels from MRR Wheels. These carry over the same design concept as the Z06 Carbon Fiber Wheel Package. Offsets are intended to fit near fender flush and this set is the same as the factory wheels so you can swap over your factory tires. 


  • Brand: MRR
  • Model: F023
  • Color: Brushed Clear
  • Wheel size: 20x10" ET30 (Fronts) & 21x13" ET25 (Rears)
  • Hubbore: 66.9 (Accepts Factory Center Caps)
  • Wheel Exposed Lugs: Yes
  • Bolt Pattern5x120 


  • Sold as a Set
  • Forged Construction
  • Directional
  • 19mm Lug Nut Required (Not Provided)
  • Custom PCD, Offset & Center Bore

About MRR:

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