23-24+ C8 Corvette Z06 LT6 87mm Throttle Bodies (Includes 2) - Soler Performance

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23-24+ C8 Corvette Z06 LT6 87mm Throttle Bodies (Includes 2) - Soler Performance


Soler Products come with a “Buy & Try” No Questions Asked 30-day Money back Guarantee! 

Fits 2023+ C8 Corvette ( Z06/Z07 Model )


Increase the throttle response and performance of your C8 Corvette Z06 with these dual 87mm Throttle Bodies from Soler Performance. 

Key Features:

• Optimized Active Contours with sonic flow nozzles
• Porting Taper and Upstream Bore with Velocity Stack
• Greater Discharge Coefficient of Plate/Blade interface
• 16 Ra Microinch, Diamond Polished Surface Finish
• Shaftless high-pressure side of the blade for Larger WOT Flow Area (91mm Effective Bore)
• Self-Cleaning Throat/Flow Gap
• Dome and Thread-locked Screws
• Dimpled shaft trailing edge
• Includes a high-efficiency, Manifold Specific Adapter Kit for LT1/LT2/LT4 engines

Important Notes:

• Lower weight to power ratio at part throttle, for a more nimble/spirited driving experience
• Linearization and smoothing of the curve for a more predictable response and crisper shifts
• Immediate response right off idling while keeping idling function undisturbed (No Hesitation/Stumble)
• Does not require tuning, Powertrain Warranty Safe. 
• More air/power at every single throttle position after idle. Crucial for starting or expanding power gain modifications
• Easy Installation (15 Minutes or Less)

About Soler Performance:

Soler Performance is an American-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of premium aftermarket auto-parts. We focus on throttle control systems modifications. Make your Corvette (C7), Camaro SS/ZL1, and Cadillac CTS-V (other makes/models are coming soon) come to life with nimble handling and the faster response our modified throttle bodies and controllers provide. Our modified throttle bodies are precision CNC machined from the latest OEM part number, always starting from brand new bodies. Our modifications feature a myriad of unique features and enhancements not seen on any other competing products. Fully tested with a one-year warranty.

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