2020+ Corvette C8 Lowering Springs - Paragon Performance

$359.98 - $389.97
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Fits 2020+ Corvette C8 Z51 and C8 Base Model With MAG Ride 

By starting work early on with Hyperco, Paragon Performance helped create a lowering spring option for the Z51 C8 Corvette cars with Mag Ride, and with or without front lift. 

The lowering spring kit offers .5 inch of lowering front and rear. Combine that with the factory adjust-ability of .75 inch lowering you can achieve a total lowering of 1.25 inches on the Z51 cars.  The spring is also 30% stiffer than factory giving increased handling without sacrificing low speed ride comfort. Cars that have front lift can use these springs and our lowering collars up front to achieve the same drop.

These have been specifically engineered to work with the factory shocks. Using 3D scanning technology the entire suspension was scanned, measured, and studied. This resulted in a spring that works with the factory shocks to maintain correct geometries while lowering the vehicle and increasing handling. Anything beyond what these springs offer would require an entire new set up, much like aftermarket coilovers.

  • Fits Z51 Mag Ride Cars
  • Fits Z51 Front Lift Cars
  • Fits Z51 non mag ride cars
  • Fits NON Z51 cars WITH Mag Ride
  • Z51 cars can achieve a full 1.25 inch drop if they choose via OEM lowering spring perch or by using our lowering collars for front lift cars.
  • 30% stiffness increase over stock
  • Powder Coated Black for OEM like look
  • Fatigue tested 140,000 jounce to rebound cycles with no issues.
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Works with Paragon front lift lowering collars
  • Works with Paragon 20mm spacers  
    * cars with all 3 ( lowering collars, 20mm spacers, and springs ) will need to run front camber of -1.5 degrees.
Photos Below:  Lowering collars (same for Z51 cars who have lowered via spring perch) + Lowering Springs + Wheel Spacers + -3 Camber (track alignment)

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