• Camaro Heated Steering Wheel Harness - Gen5DIY

    Fits 2016+ Camaro Models, Looking to Add Heated Steering when you provide your own Steering Wheel  Thinking about adding the factory heated steering wheel to your '16-'18 Camaro? Gen5DIY has you covered.  This harness allows you to install the...

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  • Camaro Homelink Harness - Gen5DIY

    Fits 2016+ Models that are Adding the Homelink (Garage Door Opener)  This harness is needed for adding the Homelink (garage door opener) into your 16'-'18 Camaro.  This is the harness only.    Please refer to our DIY kits...

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  • Camaro Radar Detector Harness - Gen5DIY

    Fits 2016+ Camaro All Models This harness is for installing your radio detector into your Gen6 Camaro.  This harness saves you from splicing and/or entering pins into your overhead console harness.  This plug and play harness connects...

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