Flashback Five Light Baton - EMI

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Flashback Five Light Baton - EMI


Its five stage switch provides red, blue, red/blue alternating, red/blue blend and a flashlight selection. The 20 brilliant LED bulbs can be seen for up to 1 mile and provides 300 hours of continuous flashing! The Flashback Five™ can be used as a signal light, a vehicle warning light (with its built in magnetic mount tailcap – placement can be anywhere on vehicle) or as an "on-the-scene" dash or deck light. Flashback Five’s 360° of light dispersion ensures your visibility day or night, or in rain, fog or snow. It’s weather resistant body is made of high impact ABS plastic and operates up to 72 hours on 4 AA batteries. Flashback Five™ also has a non-slip textured grip with a built-in belt clip and wrist strap. Ideal for all police, EMS, fire and 1st responder personnel. It measures 13 1/2" long. Weighs approx. 1lb.


  • The Flashback Five’s advanced LED light and reflector technology makes it the brightest and most powerful signal light available. #2010 FLASHBACK FIVE™ LIGHT BATON (Red/Blue)

About EMI:

EMI (Emergency Medical International) was founded on the strong desire to support and serve the men and women of our public safety. Dr. Karl, President and CEO of EMI, has partnered with a worldwide network of distributors allowing him to become an industry leader with over 300 diverse products. You will always find EMI at the forefront of modern trends and efficient service. 

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